It ain't me!! is sending SPAM/mal-mail using email addresses like a created From: lizpage2459 [atsign this domain] To:  So please nobody blacklist or report my domain as a spammer.  I can do nothing about it.  Their emails don't originate from any of my servers or accounts.

I have just realised that the floods of mailer-demon failure notices due to someone creating SPAM using my domain name always start immediately after I update a page on this website.  When I go for some months without an update, the notices subside, and then when I update a page they suddenly flood in again.  So I assume it's someone at, because a quick search-engine query reveals many people having similar problems with $000webhost, and therefore I will be removing my site and possibly putting it up on another free host if I can find one (Hosting24 is said to be the same company, by the way).

News Flash:  In the seven years tribulation there will be false messiahs who say ‘I am the Messiah.’

. . . and, I suppose, false prophets with their complex cosmologies and spiritual structures transmitted to them by aliens, and teachers with their easy-peasy techniques for erasing all the locks and blocks installed by nasty aliens, calling themselves spiritual moguls and charging you thousands for the priveledge to be hooked by their magic spells hidden in the techniques.  In the Tribulation, those who can discern and stay true to themselves spiritually will avoid the suffering they bring.  For everyone else, these guys are your tribulation (test). . . . 

No more ‘Man In A Plastic House’.
The landowner and her son became ‘China’ to my ‘Tibet’,
and this Tibetan is now in exhile, but in an even better place!

. . . but it was a great five years and exceptionally productive solitary retreat – with a personal epiphany and a fantastic ‘New Me’ result!

Non-attachment, mindfulness, ‘being in the Now’ and all that, when forced, never lead to enlightenment or self-realisation.  They come naturally to that non-state.  Even without self-realisation or enlightnement, one only effectively non-attaches when one wishes it more than attaching, such as when one wants the freedom more than the attachment.  Do you really, really, really, really want to progress to a ‘higher’ realm when you die to this one?  If so, do you think you would still have significant attachments to this one?

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